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Top pop-culture Halloween costume ideas

As Halloween nears take a look at some of the top pop-culture costume…

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Got brains? These top 5 zombie movies do

Be they the slow and shambling traditional undead or the super-fast face…

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5 vampire movies with some real bite

With so many worthy vampire movies to choose from, it was hard to narrow…


Get a load of these 5 scariest movie clowns

Looking for a scary movie to put you in the fright frame of mind for…

Fun Halloween recipes for kids

Get together with your kids for spooky delights.

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10 flick picks for Halloween viewing

Looking for something scary to watch this Halloween season? Check out…


History of the Jack-O-Lantern

Why do we carve pumpkins on Halloween? Find out here.

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5 easy Halloween dress-ups for grown-ups

Why let Halloween be wasted on the youth? Today the holiday is just as…

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5 hottest Hollywood vampires

There's just something about vampires, as the "Twilight" craze has shown…

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5 scariest inanimate movie objects

As scary as movie monsters like Freddy Kruger, Michael Myers, Jason…



Scary ideas for Halloween parties

Throwing a Halloween party for adults can be both fun and spooky. Try…

Get chills at world's 10 creepiest spots

If you're looking for a creepy destination to spend your Halloween, try…


Healthy Halloween treats for kids

There are healthy options available for people who want to give…


Fun ideas for youth Halloween parties

Make your child's Halloween party fun and unique with these tips.


Cute, fun Halloween decorations

If you want to decorate for Halloween -- but want to focus more on cute…


Make your yard spooky this Halloween

If you want to scare away the trick-or-treaters this year, or frighten…


What does your Halloween costume reveal?

When you put on your Halloween costume and enter a land of fantasy, you…


5 worst Halloween 'treats' you can get

Whether you're feeling nostalgic about trick-or-treating or just need some…


Tricks, treats and Halloween safety

Use these tips to keep your children safe this Halloween.

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5 odd phobias you never knew existed

All phobias are irrational by definition, but some fears are just more…


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