When it comes to taking care of themselves, women may have a big advantage over men.

Census data shows that women live an average of seven years longer than men, in part because they go for regular medical screenings and doctor visits. And now, a South Florida hospital group is trying to get men to get more proactive with their own health.

Broward Health's Man Van hits the streets, looking for men who haven't been looking after their health. Doctors and nurses on board the van do a head to toe health check in 30 minutes or less.

Michael Bazini was the first patient during a recent visit outside an office building near the courthouse in Fort Lauderdale. The tests began with his height and weight, then nine more screenings, which included checking blood pressure, kidney function, cholesterol, prostate and a screening for diabetes.

"I was screened and I have extremely high blood pressure," Bazini said. "So I'm going to go get that taken care of. I have a follow up with one of the doctors from Broward Health organization.

"They said my pulse was a little low and I'm on a medication that might be causing that. So I should probably go back to my cardiologist," said Michael Oback.

Oback stopped by during his lunch hour and said he will urge his coworkers to do the same.

"I’m going to tell them it's been an interesting lunch hour," he said. "I didn't expect to have medical tests done but I saw the van and said 'why not?'"

It's quick screenings like the ones done in the Man Van that doctors hope will alert men to more serious problems.

Fifty percent of people who have acute coronary syndromes, heart attacks, don't have symptoms until the event happens," said Dr. Fernando Narvaez.

"It was definitely quick, painless, nice and easy. It's not something that anybody needs to be afraid of," Bazini said.

The screenings cost $75 and in some cases are covered by insurance plans.

To schedule the Man Van at your business or special event, call 954-279-7946 or email to