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What to ask your doctor about heart disease

During your next visit to the doctor, consider asking these questions to…

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Eat your way to a healthy heart

A healthy diet can help alleviate three major risk factors for heart…

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Workouts for parents, child to do together

Trying to find time to work out and spend time with your kids can be…


5 hidden health risks for women

Despite increased attention to women's health issues, there are still…

Various exercises can strengthen heart

Going to the gym can make your muscles bigger and stronger. But improving…


Ways to lower your stress level

From time to time we all get stressed out. Try using some of these ideas…

Tips to lower your cholesterol

Having a high cholesterol can put you at greater risk of having a heart…

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Is sex safe after heart attack?

Experts say that people can have sex after their heart attacks. In fact,…


How do foods get heart-check mark?

If you want to find foods that can help keep your heart healthy, a…


Could you have an arrhythmia?

A little skip in your heart beat once in a while is normal. Find out if…



5 foods your heart will thank you for eating

It's no fun to cut out salty snacks and red meat, but tasty alternatives…


Mediterranean diet: A heart-healthy eating plan

Find out how following a Mediterranean diet can benefit your health.


What are unhealthiest fast-food items?

It's no secret that fast-food items aren't always the healthiest option.…

Take care of your heart when shoveling

When shoveling, use these tips to protect your heart and your health.


Omega-3s: Meet the fats that help your heart

Find out how taking omega-3 fatty acids can help your heart.

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5 numbers you don't know but should

Find out what numbers you need to know to keep your cardiovascular system…


Leg cramps can be red flag for heart disease

Muscle pain that occurs while walking can herald a dangerous condition…


Cardiac arrest and heart disease

Find out more about what causes cardiac arrest.


Tai chi might help heart failure patients

Find out how heart patients may benefit from tai chi.

Tips to keep your heart healthy

What can you do in your day-to-day life to keep your heart healthy? Use…


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