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3 reasons you'll likely get a raise in 2015

American workers should be feeling their best since the start of the Great Recession. Unemployment is at its lowest level since 2008.

Yet while jobs have returned, wages have remained relatively stagnant, rising just 2% in the past year. More people…


Good news: More people are quitting their jobs

Americans are quitting their jobs at the fastest pace since early 2008. And that's very good news for the economy.



Billionaire's advice: Become a plumber

Former New York City Mayor and billionaire Michael Bloomberg has some advice for high school seniors: forget college, become a plumber instead.


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Smoke pot legally? You can still get fired

Your state may be OK with you smoking pot, but that doesn't mean your employer is.

Two more states and Washington D.C. voted to legalize marijuana last week. That makes recreational marijuana legal in four states, while medical marijuana is legal…


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US has added 2.3 million jobs this year

Employers added 214,000 jobs in October, continuing a trend of strong job growth this year that is on track to be the best for America since 1999.



Voters say yes to paid sick days

Workers can finally take paid sick days in Massachusetts and a handful of cities around the nation.


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Sprint to lay off 2,000 as losses mount

Sprint's big turnaround effort isn't going so well.



Why the best bosses make us feel uncomfortable

The best leaders make us feel unsure of ourselves.



What makes a recruiter reject your resume in seconds?

When it comes to job hunting, your resume can make or break your chances ... very quickly.


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Man commutes 220 miles a day for 'dream job'

A Virginia man commutes 220 miles -- or about seven hours -- a day, all in the name of family.


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Need a job? Put your resume on your beer

A graphic designer in Canada separates himself from the pack by printing his resume on a four-pack of his own craft beer.


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