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What a concept! Women helping women at work

There have been a few times in my career when I've been thoroughly disappointed -- even disgusted -- with my fellow women in the workplace.



Study: Employers aren't really cutting health benefits

Some companies fretted that the new Affordable Care Act rules would cost employers a bundle or prompt them to cut workers' hours to get under the cap. A new study says there's little cause for concern.


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Millennials: More educated, less employed than Gen X

Millennials are getting more college degrees, but they aren't getting as many jobs as their Gen X counterparts.


Where the jobs are now

Getting a job in America is a lot easier now.

The economy has added nearly 3.3 million jobs in the past year. In February alone, 295,000 jobs were created -- beating expectations soundly.

And it gets even better: the U.S. has been adding jobs in many…


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Unemployment rate falls to seven-year low

The winter weather didn't cool the job market in February.


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Man commutes 220 miles a day for 'dream job'

A Virginia man commutes 220 miles -- or about seven hours -- a day, all in the name of family.


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Need a job? Put your resume on your beer

A graphic designer in Canada separates himself from the pack by printing his resume on a four-pack of his own craft beer.



Man sends cat poop to companies that rejected him

Frustrated by a string of job-seeking failures, a St. Louis man sends cat poop to the companies that rejected him.


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Don't be like A-Rod when it comes to your job

Most employees would think that they have little or nothing in common with a baseball superstar such as A-Rod, but they would be wrong.


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Think you have free speech at work? Think again

There is no free speech in corporate America. The First Amendment protects us from government action, not the actions of private companies.



Auditor quits job via epic email

A Texas woman quits her job as an auditor with an epic, expletive-laden email that even includes hashtags.


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