What you need to know about fish oil

Published On: Sep 13 2012 11:37:14 AM EDT   Updated On: Sep 27 2012 03:02:09 PM EDT

By Koren, Pure Matters

In another example of the media highlighting just a small piece of a story in an attempt to get more readers, USA TODAY ran an article today claiming fish oil supplements don’t have a significant effect on heart attacks, strokes or death.

The truth is, that isn’t the entire story -- there is in fact, a lot more to the research noted in the article. Doctors and medical professionals agree: a healthy diet includes one rich in omega-3 fatty acids and oils. And as Duffy MacKay, vice president for scientific and regulatory affairs at the Council for Responsible Nutrition points out, the studies didn’t test whether the participant’s diet was already high in fish oil or if they were already sick.

Mackay also noted that Americans know they should be eating a diet high in fatty fish, but “the reality is that people are simply not doing this. Omega-3 supplements serve as an affordable, convenient and safe way to obtain omega-3 fatty acids and the array of health benefits they offer.”

There have been countless research studies that show many benefits to taking a daily fish oil supplement. In a majority of the studies, fish oil supplementation was shown to lower triglyceride levels among other health advantages. For a full review of recent fish oil supplementation studies, check out our research section here.

Source: http://blog.purematters.com/news/truth-about-fish-oil-theres-more-to-usa-todays-article