5:30PM - Off and on showers and storms will continue this evening across South Florida.  More of the same can be expected as we head into the weekend.  For the latest on the tropics, click on the Hurricane tab on

Chief Meteorologist Trent Aric

1:30PM - Scattered showers and storms continue to move in across South Florida.  Rain will be locally heavy at times this afternoon and a few storms will produce gusty winds and frequent lightning.  For the latest on the tropics, click on our Hurricane tab at

Meteorologist Michael Smith

8:42AM- Meteorologist Scott Padgett here and this morning you will see some peeks of blue sky but the clouds continue to increase. Showers and storms are in the forecast with rain chances going from about 30%-40% this morning up to 60% this afternoon. Tropical moisture surges overhead and we will see rain chances this weekend around the 50%-60% range. Temps will be in the lower 90s during the next 7 days.

6:00AM - Showers and storms in the forecast on Friday as tropical moisture moves in from the east.  Rain chance today at 60% with temperatures climbing to around 90 later this afternoon.  Rain chance stays high this weekend as well.  You can track the radar anytime here.