10:00PM  - Dry conditions prevail over South Florida.  Temperatures will fall to near 79 degrees overnight Wednesday in Miami and then peak near the average high of 91 Thursday afternoon.  The chance for rain remains low, at 10%.  Hazy, hot and humid best describe the next several days across the region.  For more details on the extended forecast log on to

Meteorologist Betty Davis

6:00PM - South Florida settles into a muggy evening.  Miami, Fort Lauderdale and surrounding cities will continue to see dry conditions.  Temperatures will settle in the upper 70s overnight.  Thursday features more hazy sunshine with temperatures peaking in the lower 90s.  The haze in the air is the result of dust emanating from the continent of Africa.  Local 10 Hurricane Specialist Max Mayfield says the Saharan Dust is not unusual for July, but he is still amazed that we can track it all the way from Africa.  For more details on the extended forecast log on to

Meteorologist Betty Davis

12:36PM-The hazy sky continues across Miami and Fort Lauderdale today with the Saharan dust sticking around. The feels like temperature is already in the upper 90s and will reach the triple digits this afternoon. The atmosphere is stable so our rain chance remains low and will remain low through the end of the week.

6:00am- The three H's are in control. Hazy, Hot, Humid. Those are the three words you will be saying a lot about Miami and Fort Lauderdale weather. So, How do you feel? At some time today you will "feel like you are in a sauna" because yourfeels like temperature will be in the triple digits. A stagnant weather pattern develops today with low rain chances for this time of the year. Rain chances are only at 10% today and remain there through the end of the week. Hazy,Hot and Humid conditions can be expected through the weekend so buy the watermelon now and cool it down for that refreshing treat.

Meteorologist Scott Padgett