4 turkey hunting tips

Photo by Lukas from Pexels

Turkeys are smart and have keen, sharp eyes. Nature, therefore, has equipped them well with the ability to get out of a hunter's way easily. For these reasons, hunting turkey is more challenging than hunting any other bird or animal for most hunters.

You need a lot of skill and patience to catch a turkey. People enjoy hunting turkey for a variety of reasons. Many enjoy the thrill of chasing a turkey more than actually bringing it down. Therefore, many hunters are attracted to turkey hunting.

If you are new to the game, the following tips will be helpful to you. Here is what many successful hunters of turkey do:

1. Find a suitable location

Finding a suitable location is the key to a great turkey-hunting experience. A good location is, therefore, of paramount importance. Your chosen location should not only hide you well from the birds, but also enable you to watch all their movements.

Finding an ideal location to grab a gobbler means that you should study the habits of the birds well in advance. The time you spend doing this will be worth your while. A hunter is sure to grab a gobbler if he or she has located a spot that the birds are sure to pass during a particular hour.

You can create a makeshift spot with blinds, but large trees or tree stumps serve the same purpose equally well.

2. Try fake calls

Fake turkey calls to attract the birds to your location. Mimicking a turkey is an art and not everybody can do it. You need to practise a lot before you can master this art. To be very effective, you have to use different types of calls. Usually, hunters begin with one type of call. If this does not fetch any result, they try another type of call till they have succeeded in attracting a turkey.

3. Use decoys

A decoy has helped many a hunter to bring down a turkey. Using a decoy, however, is tricky business. Many hunters have actually accidentally shot a decoy. So, you have be an expert hunter if you want to use a decoy.

4. Hide with camouflage

Turkeys are very smart at spotting hunters. Therefore, to become a successful turkey hunter, you should learn to camouflage yourself well. Camouflage your entire body; however, take care not to wear a color that matches the head of a turkey.

Turkey hunting requires more skill than you might imagine. Stories of hunters who have tried turkey hunting for several seasons with no success are common. However, there is a way to achieve success at turkey hunting. Use good hunting tactics; use simple hunting tips, and you are sure to grab a gobbler or two.

By Abhishek Agarwal, Source: EzineArticles

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