$400 million dispute lingers over Post-it Note inventor

Alan Amron asking South Fla. federal judge to stop company from claiming credit

Associated Press

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - Inventor Alan Amron is suing 3M Company in a South Florida federal court in a dispute over who invented the ubiquitous Post-it Note.

Amron says he came up with the idea a year earlier than 3M and is asking a Florida federal judge to stop the Minnesota-based company from continuing to claim credit. Amron wants $400 million in damages and recognition for his invention, which he called the Press-on Memo in 1973.

3M says its scientists deserve full credit for the Post-it Note and worked independently of anything Amron did.

Amron settled a previous lawsuit against 3M but says he now believes the company has breached the agreement not to take credit.

A Fort Lauderdale federal judge recently refused 3M's initial attempt to get the case dismissed.

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