5 easy and inexpensive DIY projects


Yarn-Wrapped Painted Jars

Create soft and romantic light by wrapping twine around a jar and paint in in the color of your choice. Let the paint dry and then peel the twine off, uneven lines to let the light through. Add a candle and light it up!

Mini Framed Dry-Erase Board

Find the frame of your choosing in the size you like. Remove the glass and carefully cover the glass in the decorative tape of your choosing. Make sure to keep it a lighter color that regular dry-erase colors will show up against. Put the newly decorated glass back in the frame and cover the back with a piece of paper cut the same size to cover up the ends of the tape that have been wrapped around and start writing your messages!

Cereal Box Organizers

Cover up old cereal boxes with brightly colored wrapping paper to create your own desk organizers. Cue the cereal boxes in half or the size you desire. Using double-sided tape, start covering the inside with wrapping paper, making sure that it is enough to overlap and cover the outside of the box to create a nice, seamless look on the edges. When completed, start filling with your treasures!

Natural Room Scents

For those that don't like the artificial scent of store bought air fresheners, there are some simple, natural scents you can put together to create a much more pleasing smell. Simply simmer water with a blend of natural products to create a fresh smell. Some options are oranges, cinnamon and cloves, or lemon, rosemary and vanilla or even pine or cedar twigs, bay leaves and nutmeg.

Clipboard Typography

Hang clipboards on your walls and then print out fun or inspiring quotes to hang on them. You can change your wall decorations as frequently as you would like and also can turn your walls into a daily motivator!

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