Alabama pets targeted in killings

Only one dog survives recent attacks

Jack Taylor/Getty Images

Multiple pets have been shot -- some fatally -- in northeast Alabama, spurring concerns that someone is targeting the animals, WBMA reported.

A dog named Tank was the only pet to survive recent attacks in Dekalb and Cherokee counties, WBMA reported. Arrows were shot into two pets, including Tank, less than a week apart from each other in northeast Alabama. A third was shot with a gun and died.

“(Tank) was laying there in a puddle of blood with his little face between his legs and when we walked in his tail just started wagging,” said Heart of Dixie Rescue Founder Amanda Adams, who rescued Tank.

Without the help of a team at Dekalb Animal Hospital, “he no doubt would have bled to death,” Adams told WBMA.

Adams said the recent shootings aren’t proven to be connected, but she is worried.

 “This is crazy! This is two dogs in a week, and so we got down there and we see the bolt that’s hanging out of him and I’m like these look exactly the same,” Adams told WBMA.

Larissa Sims’ dog was shot and killed with a bullet.

“I know she probably suffered. Excuse me, she probably suffered for a couple of days,” said Sims, getting emotional over the thought.

Sims said a cat in Georgia’s Floyd County was also targeted. “A cat got shot in the head and it barely missed its brain with an arrow,” said Sims.

Although officials have not said that the attacks are connected, Adams is telling pet owners to be cautious.

“If you’ve got a pet that you love and you see it as part of your family, bring your pet inside. Something is definitely going on,” Adams told WBMA.

In a Facebook post, local police said they are investigating the pet attacks, WBMA reported.

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