Amazon will deliver a 7-foot living Christmas tree to your door this holiday season

By Jack Roskopp - Graham Media Group

MELLENSEE, GERMANY - DECEMBER 12: Santa Claus walks through a Christmas Tree Farm on December 12, 2010 in Mellensee near Berlin, Germany. According to the German timber industry association, Germans are expected to purchase about 29 million…

Look out Clark Griswold, there's a new tree chopper in town -- and they'll deliver to your front door. 

Amazon revolutionized the way people buy books, diapers and dog food. Now they think they'll be able to do the same with fresh Christmas trees for the upcoming holiday season, reports the Associated Press. 

The Douglas firs and Norfolk Island pines will be chopped down and shipped within 10 days (or even less) to your doorstep without water and in a typical Amazon box. The company says that the freshly chopped trees will survive the trip. Orders and shipments will start in November. 

This surprisingly isn't the first time Amazon has shipped Christmas trees, though -- last holiday season the company shipped little Christmas trees that were around 3 feet tall, and other merchants shipped larger trees using Amazon as a marketplace. 

While many people love the tradition of traveling to a farm and cutting down their own tree, this new service from Amazon will help households that don't have the means to travel to a remote tree farm. 

A 7-foot tree will cost you $115 without shipping, but Amazon says that Prime members may be able to get free shipping. Amazon is also selling wreaths for $50 and a $25 "red-leafed plant" that sounds just like a poinsettia.

Would you buy a living Christmas tree from Amazon, or do you like the tradition of cutting down your own? Let us know in the poll below. 





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