Are wood floors worth the expense?

If you're thinking about selling your home in the near future, it's important to invest correctly. Certain renovations and updates don't have a great return on investment, but experts agree that installing hardwood flooring is an investment worth making.

Most buyers today want wood flooring and studies show that home shoppers are more likely to pass up homes with wall-to-wall carpeting.

Leslie Piper, a San Francisco-based realtor, has found that more and more buyers are ripping up carpet so that they can install hardwood flooring on the boards underneath. "A majority of home buyers in the marketplace really are looking for, or expecting to find, hardwood floors," Piper said.

Hardwood flooring has stood the test of time. As trends like shag carpeting have come and gone, wood floors have remained popular for decades. Homeowners like the clean look of hardwood floor and prefer its versatility. Area rugs and any number of color schemes can accompany hardwood flooring, whereas different shades of carpeting or tile can be very limiting.

To make a long story short, installing hardwood flooring is worth the upfront cost. Buyers will consider this a strong selling point and it also provides a timeless look that will instantly elevate the design of your home.

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