Chicago PD has new ‘pawfficer' – Gizmo the police cat

Feline comes from a police family


Gizmo recently joined the Chicago PD.

CHICAGO (WQAD) -- Chicago police have a new officer, and he's already making a "pawsitive" impact.

Meet Gizmo, the new "pawfficer" of the Chicago Police Department 14th District. The 8-year-old cat comes from a police family, and is now a part of the department's community outreach program.

It all started with a K-9 unit visit to an elementary school. One student asked why there were no police cats.

After that, the department tweeted that if they got 500 retweets, they would start a "meownted unit."

The tweet got more than 700 retweets, and Gizmo was recruited to the force.

However, Gizmo isn't the first-ever police cat. Earlier this year, Troy, Mich., recruited "Pawfficer Donut," a gray cat that had a special swearing-in ceremony. Donut is used for moral support and cuddles.

WQAD via CNN Wire