Dog saves owner from house fire by nudging him with nose

Owner escapes with dog, calls fire department

By Christina Maxouris, CNN
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Curly the dog woke up his owner to alert him the house was on fire. Both made it out safely.

(CNN) - Name a better pet than Curly. We'll wait.

The brave dog saved his owner from a house fire that destroyed part of their South Carolina home.

Brian Rand told CNN affiliate WJCL he found his best friend at an animal shelter three years ago.

"Right from the start, he just attached to me," he told the news station. "He picked me."

Rand, a Vietnam veteran, lives by himself and only woke up Monday morning after his dog began poking him with his nose, the City of Beaufort/Town of Port Royal Fire Department said.

"I got up and started walking, as soon as I walked by the hallway the house was overly smoky," he told the news station. "Then I saw the flames through the side window."

Rand was able to get out of the house with Curly and call 911, the fire department said. Authorities were able to save some of his belongings, including his war medals, WJCL reported.

Now, Rand says his home looks like a "disaster." The fire damage was extensive, the affiliate reported.

"I forget what it used to look like," the veteran said.

But they both made it out all right.

So, we're not saying adopting a dog could save your life but ... it could.

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