Dog who nursed orphaned puppies now up for adoption

1-year-old pit bull mix stepped in when mom died


Remember the sweet dog who nursed five orphaned puppies? She's ready for adoption.

The Michigan dog who nursed five orphaned puppies after the mother died is now up for adoption, WNEM reported.

Mamba, a 1-year-old pit bull mix, was brought in to help the puppies in March shortly after she lost her own pups, WNEM reported. 

Several days after Mamba herself was rescued, Saginaw County Animal Care and Control were responding to a call about a dog having trouble giving birth, WNEM reported. The mother died during labor, but a veterinarian was able to save most of the puppies via C-section.

Mamba took it from there.

"She right away took to them like they were hers -- which was pretty much a godsend for them because now she's able to raise and stimulate the puppies," officer Anthony Trevino told WNEM in March.

The puppies are now in foster care and Mamba is ready for adoption, WNEM reported.



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