Eric and Donald Trump Jr. embark on Irish pub crawl

Villagers roll out welcome mat, don MAGA hats

By Katie Polglase, CNN

(CNN) - The European adventures of President Donald Trump's adult sons are now complete. Meeting the Queen: check. Pulling pints of Guinness in the Irish countryside: check.

Donald Jr. and Eric enjoyed the welcome of long-lost friends in the little Irish village of Doonbeg, County Clare, which is home to the Trump International golf resort and hotel.

"Always great to be back here," Donald Jr. said in one of the three pubs he and his brother visited during their Wednesday night pub crawl. "I love seeing all the support coming in today, it's incredible."

A woman standing by told Eric that the local priest wishes him well. "Oh he's such a great guy," Eric replied, "will you tell him I say hi?"

The Trump family is well-liked in Doonbeg, where up to one-quarter of residents rely on jobs at the golf resort. And while some of the locals say they don't agree with the President's policies, they draw a line between the Trump name and the business.

Even those who don't work directly in the hotel understand its benefits. Pubs, shops and restaurants in the village rely on the business the resort brings in. The golf course evens runs a daily shuttle for its guests who want to experience village life outside of the luxury resort.

They were then ushered behind the bar, pouring pints to loud cheers. The pub owner, Hugh McNally, points out he is a long distant cousin of Vice President Mike Pence.

The Trumps have a tab here. The bill gets sent up to the resort at the end of the night.

Rumors that the two might pop down to the pub had swirled around the village for a while. When they finally arrived, hours after the locals originally expected then, the pub's patrons were ready. Some wore red MAGA hats. Others had US flags on the ready.

Many in the town have met the Trumps before, but their visits have become more scarce since Trump Sr. moved into the White House.

The security has become a bit more complex too. When the media started crowding the pub, the Trump brothers were whisked away through the back door in the kitchen to their black SUVs.

Ivana Kottasova contributed to this article.

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