Family dons blindfolds to prepare for life with adopted dog

Tina, a terrier, lost sight from infection


Tina was living in a home with dozens of other animals when she lost her sight due to an infection.

A UK family that adopted a blind dog walked a mile in their new pet's collar by donning blindfolds to help prepare for its arrival.

Julie Iliff said she and her family, who live in the Derbyshire town of Swadlincote, are raising money to take Tina, a white terrier, to a canine eye specialist. In the meantime, they're getting a feel for what Tina's life will be like in her new home.

"We put blindfolds on each other and we walked around the house -- anything that we hit on the lower leg was obviously going to be an obstacle for Tina," Iliff told UPI.

According to UPI, Tina was living in a home with dozens of other animals when she lost her sight due to an infection. RSPCA Inspector Sarah Gardner said Tina was one of more than 30 dogs the agency was asked to rehome.

The canines, mostly small breeds, "were in crates and cages around the home, some stacked on top of each other," Gardner said. "It was clear the owner just needed some help as they just couldn't cope."

Iliff said Tina is adapting to her new home, thanks in part to Tyke, the family's 11-year-old Westie mix, who has helped the new arrival navigate her surroundings. 

"Tina and Tyke are absolutely amazing together," Iliff said. "Tyke is a little bit protective over her if anything happens he lets her know. They play together, sleep together, kiss each other, they do everything together -- they're a match made in heaven."

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