Father's Day crafty gift - Swing batter batter

By Constance Jones - Anchor

Still looking for a great gift for dad? Here's a crafty idea that's fun for the kids to make.

If your dad is baseball crazy, he will adore this creation.

All you need is a bunch of old baseballs. If you don't have any, you can buy some used baseballs or softballs from your local thrift store.

Use a drill to make holes through 10 balls. If you decide to use softballs, make sure you have a longer drill bit because of the size of the ball. 

Get a wire coat hanger and straighten it up. You can snip the curly ends off to make a straight wire.  

Then just randomly string the baseballs and softballs on the straight wire. Twist one side to make a loop and then curl the wreath so it creates the wreath shape and the other side of the hanger meets the loop.

Wrap the remaining section of hanger through the loop you created and close so that it's secure.

Technically you are done at this point, but you can add a little something. Maybe a bow or a baseball hat.  

Special thanks to Pintrest Projects Blogspot for sharing this great project!

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