Get your body ready for winter sports season

As the weather starts to cool down it's time to start thinking about winter sports season. But before you strap on your skis or snowboard, make sure your body is conditioned and ready to hit the slopes.

One way to get your body ready is by performing regular stretches and conditioning. This will help loosen up some muscles you might not have used since last winter.

According to The National Strength and Condition Association, active and dynamic stretching and warm-ups can produce better results than static stretching. A great first stretch, according to, is to use a foam roller. According to the website, a few minutes of using the roller will help loosen your muscles and joints.

After loosening up your muscles, then it's time to progress to getting your heart rate elevated during your workout. To warm up dynamically, try to incorporate a circuit of cardio exercises that you can do in short bursts, but at a high level. Some exercises recommended by include high knees and skipping. Jumping jacks and jumping rope can also make for a dynamic warm-up.

When your body becomes more conditioned you can then perform a regular exercise routine after doing your stretches and dynamic warm-up. You might want to do a strength routine to help build muscles in your legs to help you maneuver down the slopes, or you can work on your cardio conditioning by running on a treadmill or doing a longer cardio circuit than you did in your warm-up.

After you complete the dynamic warm-up and your regular workout it's important to cool your muscles down. This can be done through post-workout stretching. This will help loosen up your muscles and also help bring your heart rate down.

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