Heinz Mayochup: Yea or nay?

Company holds social media contest for condiment

From Kraft Heinz via Business Wire

Heinz Mayochup

If you're tired of having to mix ketchup and mayonnaise together, Heinz may have a new product for you.

Heinz is holding a contest on Twitter to see if Mayochup will come to the U.S.

From now until April 15, those wanting to try the ketchup/mayonnaise combination have the opportunity to vote on a Twitter page.

If the poll closes with over 500,000 votes in its favor, Heinz Mayochup will be made available in the U.S.


"At Heinz, we are always looking for opportunities to bring great tasting products to our consumer," Nicole Kulwicki, director of marketing for Heinz, said in a news release.

If you're not big on the name Mayochup, the company will put the final name up for a vote before the product launches, the news release said.

USA Today reports the product is only available in some Middle East Gulf states.

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