How to build strength and endurance for ski season

By Kristina Proffitt

Snow skiing isn't just a fun hobby, it's a full-body workout that requires endurance, balance, and core strength. That means you will want to prepare your body before you hit the slopes to limit your risk for injury.

Luckily, there are many exercises you can perform to get your body ready for skiing.

First, you will want to build your endurance. If you haven't built up endurance, you likely won't last half of a day on the slopes, which means those pricey lift tickets are going to waste. To get the cardio endurance you need for snow skiing, you should get in 3-5 days of cardio a week by either running, using the elliptical, or stair climber. Experts also recommend getting in one long workout every week that lasts 60 minutes or more. This will help condition your legs and lungs for long days of skiing.

It's also important to build strength before ski season commences. Skiing uses almost all of the muscles in your body, but it's important to target certain muscle groups during strength workouts, including:

1. Quadriceps

2. Hamstrings and glutes

3. Inner and outer thighs

4. Calves

5. Abs and back

6. Arms

Incorporating dumbbells, an exercise ball, a medicine ball and resistance band into your workouts can help you build the muscle you need. Start your workouts with some light cardio, then rest and stretch. After your muscles are warm, rotate these exercises:

1. Deep squats using medicine ball

2. Pushups and side planks

3. Lunges

4. Deadlifts

5. Side to side lunges

6. Ski jumps

7. Ball rollout

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