How to decorate small spaces for the holidays

Just because you have a small home or live in a tiny city apartment doesn't mean you can't decorate big this holiday season. Check out these creative decorating ideas to give your tiny space the holiday spirit you deserve.

1. There's no rule on how big or small your tree has to be so purchase a miniature one. You can still decorate it with your favorite ornaments, lights and star topper. To add height, just place it on a small side table.

2. Decorate your railings by wrapping garland or holiday lights around them.

3. Hang wreaths inside your window instead of trying to find space on a wall or create a miniature wreath out of rosemary and wire and hang from your kitchen cabinets with ribbon.

4. Display holidays cards from family and friends on your wall or refrigerator.

5. Create snowflakes for your window(s) using a hot glue gun or create them out of paper like you learned in grade school and hang them from the ceiling.

6. Buy festive pillows or create your own holiday pillowcases that you add and remove easily. Add a red flannel blanket as well.

7. For your table centerpiece, create an display of ornaments with candles and greenery or set up a tiny village.

8. Dress up the back of your dining room chairs by hanging wreaths, cranberries or pinecones with ribbon.

9. Tuck greenery, pine cones, cranberries and/or holly into the nooks and crannies of your kitchen shelves, around photo frames & mirrors or on top of end tables. This doesn't take up a lot of room and can add a lot of holiday charm quickly.

10. Make your home smell like Christmas by simmering a few cinnamon sticks, a cup of cranberries, a couple sprigs of rosemary and two oranges cut in half.

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