How to get kids into running

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Running can be both a great workout and a great hobby for adults. So how can you get your kids involved to make it a family activity?

Use these tips to get your kids started in running.

Start slowly: Just like adults have to ease into running, so do kids. Start slowly by having the kids run for just a few minutes (or blocks) at a time if they are able. If they aren't able to run for that long, then start by running for a few seconds and then walking, and alternating between the two until the kids build up their endurance.

Let your kids decide how long they want to run: Listen to your kids when they tell you it's time to stop. They know what their body is capable of, and if they try to do too much too soon running won't be enjoyable for them, and they risk injury.

Set a goal: Have your child pick a running goal, whether it's to be able to run a mile or run in a 5K race, or even run for 10 minutes without stopping. Set up your child's training around that goal to help him or her achieve it. Break the goal into smaller stages and celebrate each time your child reaches a milestone.

Remember to stretch and warm up: It's important to teach your child healthy habits, so make sure you teach him or her to warm up with a walk before they start running, and to stretch before and after a run.

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