How to plan for a hike


Going for a hike on a nice day can be a great workout and a fun way to spend an afternoon. But before you set out on the trails, make sure to take the proper steps to plan for your hike. Tell people where you're going: You should always tell your friends and family when and where you will be hiking. If anything should happen while you're on the trails, people will at least know where to look for you. According to the American Hiking Society, the best way to communicate your plans is to write down all of the necessary information, including the dates you're hiking, where you're going and what path you plan to take. Know your map: Before hitting the trails make sure you take a good look at the map and pre-plan your route. This way you can identify good places to get water, and if needed, you can find all of the evacuation points ahead of time. Estimate your time: To make sure you're home or at your camp site before dark, make sure to estimate how long the routes will take you to complete. Check the forecast:Check the weather before you go so you can plan and pack accordingly.

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