'I'm at one of the -- ow!': Lemurs take over BBC report

Reporter overtaken by zoo animals during live shot

By Kaitlyn Walsh
BBC/YouTube via CNN

A BBC reporter was interrupted during a live shot -- by a bunch of leaping and biting lemurs, ABC News reported.

Alex Dunlop visited England's Banham Zoo to report on its animal count, but didn't get more than a few words in before he was overtaken by a group of lemurs, ABC News reported.

"And I'm at one of the -- ow!" Dunlop said. "You little nipper."

Even as the lemurs continue to jump and nibble on the reporter, he tried to continue the report.

"And I'm at one of the region's zoos where they're doing their annual stocktakes of animals," he said, ABC News reported. "Ow! Ow! Ow! ... I think it's one of the more enjoyable parts of the job, counting lemurs."

Banham Zoo actually offers "lemur encounters" for those who wouldn't mind getting up close and personal with the feisty animals, ABC News reported.

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