Keep your kids safe on boats


Spending the day on a boat is a fun outing for the entire family. Get tips here on how to keep your kids safe.

Wear life jackets: Make sure all kids wear life jackets on the boat and in the open water. Also make sure every child is wearing a life jacket that fits him or her properly to ensure his or her safety.

Keep kids dry and warm: Children are at greater risk of hypothermia than adults. If children are wet from swimming in the water, make sure dry towels are available to wrap them in, and consider bringing extra clothes for them to put on to keep warm.

Establish rules: Make sure kids know the safety rules for being on the boat. Make sure these are followed for everyone's safety.

Take a boat safety class: Enroll the kids, and even your entire family, in a boat safety class before taking the boat on the water. This way your whole family will hear from the professionals on what rules and behaviors should be followed on the water.

Watch your children: When children are in the boat or swimming in the water, make sure an adult is always watching them.