Lost tortoise gets 5-minute walk away in 3 days

Wales pet escapes yard, doesn't go far

A tortoise named George didn't make it far after escaping its owner's yard in Wales.

The pet was found three days later on a sidewalk just a few blocks away, UPI reported. In other words, it took the animal three days to go as far as a human can walk in five minutes.

Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Cymru took the 12-year-old spur-thighed tortoise to the International Tortoise Association in Sully. Workers there were able to find the tortoise's owner, UPI reported.

"It's always nice to be involved in a happy ending -- and thankfully runway George is back with his owner after his mischievous breakout," RSPCA inspector Julie Fadden said, UPI reported.

George's owner, Karen, said the tortoise is named after a famous animal and an actor, UPI reported.

"George is named in homage to gorgeous Lonesome George, the giant tortoise from the Galapagos Islands that died not so long ago -- and was the last of his species. He's also named after George Clooney -- as he is a handsome tortoise," Karen said.


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