Miami church showcases artists

Crossbridge Church uses '19-One' program to show contemporary art

By Constance Jones - Anchor

MIAMI, Fla. - With each brush stroke, the color caresses the canvas, capturing the essence of her spirit.

Katiuska Gonzalez feels her artwork connects her closer to God. 

Her work is so meticulous, you would expect it to be on display at any of Miami's top galleries. Instead, she placed her work in a church. 

"It has been very successful. The community gets to know about your artwork. It's really a great venue," said Gonzalez.

There are no paintings of the Last Supper or saints at Crossbridge Church in Miami. Instead, it is contemporary art that cover the walls.

Through an outreach program called "19-One," South Florida artists are invited to showcase their works in the sanctuary. 

"We just want to bless the artistic community. We feel the artist have a very special place in society," said Lead Pastor Felipe Assis.

Assis said he also feels the artwork can be a very effective ministry tool, even if the artist is not a believer.

"The art is communicating a certain truth that the artist may not be aware of. That is because the artist was created for that purpose," said Assis.

If a piece sells, the church does not collect a commission nor does the church charge for wall space. Instead, the focus is glorify God through the artistry.

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