Monokini 2.0 designs swimsuits for brave breast cancer survivors

Monokini 2.0 is making fashion waves around the world

Monokini 2.0 swimsuits caters to the brave breast cancer survivor.

The creative line was inspired on a breast cancer survivor named Elina Halttunen, who was tired of looking for a swimsuit. After a mastectomy, she only had one breast, so she couldn't find anything comfortable, and she loved to swim.

"I thought that maybe there would be others out there like me," Halttunen said on the project's website. She added that "being one-breasted creates great possibilities for cool swimwear design."

Artists Katriina Haikala and Vilma Metteri agreed. They recruited three men and five women as fashion designers and 10 courageous breast cancer survivors. Metteri said many of the survivors had never shown their scars before.

"It gave me a chance to think about the different aspects of about femininity,"  Tyra Therman said on the project's website.

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