Orangutan caught smoking at Indonesia zoo

Staff draws ire from animal rights activists

Tim Boyle/Getty Images

Ben the orangutan sits between trees Sept. 16, 2002, at Brookfield Zoo in Brookfield, Illinois. Ben is the father of a male orangutan named Denba born at the zoo on the morning of Aug. 23, 2002.

An orangutan smoking a cigarette drew the ire of animal rights activists condemning an Indonesia zoo for the incident, according to the BBC.

A visitor threw a cigarette into the 22-year-old orangutans' enclosure at the Bandug zoo, BBC reported.

A zoo spokesperson said the guard may have been on break during the regrettable incident.

A sign prohibits visitors from giving food or cigarettes to the animals, the BBC reported.

The founder of the Indonesia Animal Welfare Society criticized the zoo for "weak control" and called into question welfare standards at zoos in general, BBC reported.

"Almost all zoos are in poor condition ... from the cages and feeding needs to the animals' health," Marison Guciano told the BBC.


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