Phases of a class action lawsuit


Class action lawsuits are handled differently than individual lawsuits, mainly because these lawsuits involve multiple plaintiffs. Because there are so many people involved, steps are in place to make sure the rights of all parties are met.

Take a look at some additional steps that are taken during class action lawsuits that aren't usually taken during individual lawsuits.

-          The plaintiffs must request that the case be filed as a class action lawsuit. To be certified as a class action lawsuit there must be a minimum number of plaintiffs, and all plaintiffs must have a common complaint. Those filing the lawsuit must provide the names of the plaintiffs, the name of the lead plaintiff counsel and a definition of class members, according to

-           Once the lawsuit has been certified as a class action lawsuit, all potential members of the case must be notified.

-          If a settlement is offered all class members must be notified, according to The settlement must include what compensation will be provided, and how it will be distributed. The court can also request a hearing to determine if the settlement is fair and reasonable, according to

-          Payout of the compensation to class members will be overseen by the court.