Police free kitten stuck in garbage disposal

Cat not injured after going down drain

John Nyberg/FreeImages.com

Pennsylvania police recently freed a kitten stuck in a garbage disposal.

The Tredyffrin Township Police Department on Wednesday shared a photo of the cat who “got just a lil’ TOO curious.”

“The cat may have had his tongue when he first arrived, but TTPD SGT. Brian Hughes wasted no time springing into action,” the Facebook post said. “After grabbing a few tools, and a bit of coconut oil, SGT. Hughes worked for an hour to safely disassemble the disposal and successfully free the trapped feline!”

Sam the cat wasn’t injured, the department said.

But why did the cat go down the drain?

“He has always been drawn to drains and likes to see where the water goes. The disposal was empty, but it may have had a lingering scent,” the owner, Lynn Allendorf Naimoli, said in a comment on the post.

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