S. Fla. cities ranked among 'Most Fun' in U.S.

Miami and Fort Lauderdale make Top 10 in rankings

By Jeff Tavss - Executive Producer

MIAMI - South Florida cities are known for fun & sun, and now we have the rankings to prove it.

According to a new survey, Miami and Fort Lauderdale each rank among the top in the 2016 Most Fun Cities in America.

Overall, Miami was ranked the third most fun city in the country, while Fort Lauderdale came in seventh.

Only Las Vegas and Orlando (uh, yeah, Orlando) scored better than Miami.

When it comes to "Nightlife & Parties," Miami placed a bit higher at number two, just behind Las Vegas.

Tampa and Orlando edged out Miami and Fort Lauderdale when it comes to "Entertainment & Recreation" rankings.

So be happy South Florida, when it comes to fun, we're almost number one!

And before you start complaining, you can always live in Oxnard, Calif., ranked dead last in the survey.

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WalletHub based their rankings on 51 key metrics ranging from "Coffee & Tea Shops per capita" to "Number of Restaurants" to "Number of Parks"



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