Should you join a class action lawsuit?

If you've experienced injury or illness because of a pharmaceutical product you might be trying to decide if you should file your own law suit or join a class action lawsuit.

Here are some benefits to joining a class action lawsuit:

Quicker results: By joining a class action suit you can get your case in front of a judge quicker than if you're waiting for your own individual case to go through. It can also be easier for someone who is hesitant to file a lawsuit to join a class action suit.

Strength in numbers: By joining a class action lawsuit, you won't be responsible for finding your own research to prove the drug was harmful. The class action suit can hire its own researchers and investigators.

Convenience: By joining everyone together, you can get more quality witnesses. Telling a witness they only have to testify once can be more appealing than trying to get a witness to testify for everyone individually.