Steps to take in a worker's compensation case


When injured on the job there are steps you should take to make sure you are following the correct steps to file a worker's compensation case.

-          Report the injury: As soon as you are injured you should report it to your supervisor. Especially if you need medical attention, you should alert your employer as soon as possible. This will help when filing a claim.

-          Tell your doctor it's a work-related injury: When you seek medical attention for your injury, make sure you tell the medical staff you suffered the injury at work. This will ensure that your medical records show that you told the provider it was a work-related injury. Insurance companies can potentially deny claims if it isn't stated in your medical records that it was a work injury.

-          Follow your doctor's instructions: Make sure you do everything your doctor tells you to do to treat the injury. If you don't follow all of the instructions, the insurance company could potentially deny your claim.

-          Get an attorney: It's important that you get an experienced worker's compensation attorney to handle your claim.

-          Be careful with who you listen to: Listen you to doctor and your lawyer during a worker's compensation case, not your employer or their insurance company.