Tips for golfing in colder temperatures

iStockPhoto / sculpies

As the temperatures start to fall, get tips on how to still enjoy a round of golf before the season ends.

Dress appropriately: Perhaps the most important tip when golfing in colder temperatures is to dress for the weather. Dress in layers so if you warm up you are able to shed a jacket or a sweater. Also pack extra socks in case your feet get cold standing on the course. Hand warmers can also keep your hands thawed in between holes.

Use a softer golf ball: According to, using a softer golf ball in colder temperatures can help you get a better feel for the ball. Be aware, however, that softer golf balls will not travel as far.

Increase your club: Because golf balls don't travel as far in colder temperatures you might want to consider going up a club when taking your shots.

Walk, if you can: A great way to stay warm and keep your muscles from stiffening in the colder temperatures is to walk the course instead of taking a cart.

Be realistic about your score: According to, golfers can struggle in colder temperatures, so don't expect to tally a career-low score during the colder months.

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