Tips for staying safe at summer festivals


Festivals can be a fun part of summer. Get tips on how to stay safe while you're having fun.

Wear sunscreen: If you're going to be outdoors at a festival all day, or even all weekend, make sure you are applying enough sunscreen to protect your skin.

Dress for the weather: If it's going to be hot during the festival make sure to wear cool and light clothing. Spending all day out in the hot sun can take its toll on your body.

Drink plenty of water: Make sure you are drinking plenty of water. You want to stay hydrated. By the time you feel thirsty you are already starting to dehydrate, so it's important to get enough fluids throughout the day.

Take breaks: Give your body some rest throughout the festival. Plan to sit down and relax, preferably out of the heat, at times throughout the day.

Eat good food: While eating a lot of junk food might be part of the fun at a festival, it also isn't good for you. Try to make some healthy choices to give your body the fuel it needs. If you know there won't be any good food available try to pack some healthy snacks.

Protect your valuables: If you are carrying a purse, or a phone, or any other valuables, take care to keep an eye on them so you don't lose them, or they don't get stolen.