Top outdoor sports for children

Photo by Lukas from Pexels

Kids can enjoy outdoor sports as much as adults. Take a look at some outdoor sports your kids might enjoy:

Running and walking

Kids can have fun going for a walk or a run on nearby trails with the whole family. Running or walking is a great cardiovascular exercise for kids and it allows them to enjoy some time outside and even take a closer look at nature.

Baseball and softball

Baseball and softball are convenient outdoor sports for kids to play. Fields are located in most U.S. neighborhoods and many teams are available for kids to join. Baseball and softball can help kids improve their hand and eye coordination, physical strength and balance, according to It also helps the kids socialize and learn teamwork.


Soccer is a popular sport among kids as young as just a few years old through teenagers. lists some of the benefits of soccer as: cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, coordination, discipline, teamwork and balance.


Bicycling is a great outdoor sport for kids of all ages. It can be a lot of fun and also a great exercise for kids and families to do together. Some of the benefits include leg strength, cardiovascular fitness and balance.

Inline skating

Inline skating is a fun outdoor sport kids will enjoy. Kids can start inline skating at a young age. Parents are reminded to make sure their kids wear the proper safety equipment while inline skating. Inline skating allows kids to learn balance and coordination while getting in a good cardiovascular workout.

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