Video shows guide dog being very sneaky pupper

Dog leads companion into 'Cool Dog Gear' store

Wang He/2018 Getty Images

A pack of guide-dogs-in-training.

Every guide dog is a good boy or girl, and every good dog deserves a treat -- well, that’s apparently guide dog Thai’s logic.

A video that’s blown up on Twitter shows Thai leading his visually impaired human, Danielle Sykora, 20, into a store called Cool Dog Gear, something the video’s poster, Sykora’s sister Michele Skyora, claims he does regularly.

“My sisters guide dog always sneakily walks her into this store without her knowing,” Michele Skyora tweeted. “I love dogs, man.”



But Thai “is mad loyal” to Danielle Skyora Michele Skyora said, telling People magazine: “They have the most awesome relationship. They are never separated and they do everything together.”

“Before my sister got Thai there was a lot of things she didn’t feel comfortable doing, and now that she has him by her side, she pretty much can do anything she wants,” Michele Skyora added. “If they walk by a cool place and Thai thinks Danielle would like it, he will stop in front of the store kind of as his way of saying ‘Look you might like it in here!’”

Thai is also partial to taking his owner into Starbucks, one of her favorite place, People reported.

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