Weddings: What's hot this summer


Take a look at the latest hot trends in weddings this summer.

Bold colors: Make a splash with your decor by focusing on one or two bright, bold colors. By limiting the amount of colors you'll make more of an impact with the shades you're picking. Consider doing centerpieces in a single color, such as a bright pink.

Music: When selecting music, try to play off of the summer vibe. For a day wedding you can opt for a more laid-back approach with beach-inspired music. And for an evening wedding on a hot summer night you can go with something more upbeat, like swing or Latin music.

Centerpieces: Try to incorporate natural summer elements into your centerpieces. According to, cut citrus fruit has been popular in the past. To freshen up this idea, the wedding website recommends using hallowed out watermelons as the centerpiece holders.

Dessert: Instead of serving a heavy cake, instead consider offering a lighter dessert for summer weddings. suggests strawberry shortcake or Key lime pie, but anything cold, fruity or light will satisfy your guests.

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