What to bring on a winter hunting trip


When hunting during the winter you want to make sure you are well prepared to battle the elements.

Here are some accessories you might want to bring along on your next hunting trip:


- Orange hunting cap and vest

- Multiple pairs of socks (wool and cotton)

- Warm coat

- Gloves and/or mittens

- Boots

- Stocking hat

- Thermal underwear

Cooking Supplies:

- Thermos

- Pots, pans and skillets

- Eating utensils

- Dishes

- Fuel tanks

- Ice chest

- Water purifier

- Dish rags

- Garbage bags

- Burner or stove

- Plastic food storage containers

Camping Supplies:

- Tent

- Thermal blankets

- Tarps for the floor of the tent

- First Aid kit

- Rope

- Sleep bag

- Flashlight

- Binoculars

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