Woman jailed after sneezing on bailiff in court

Mellissa Estelle booked on battery charge

By Jeff Tavss - Executive Producer

JOLIET, Ill. - Sneezing on someone will generally get you a rude glance or an expletive-laced tongue-lashing.

But sneezing on someone in the court of law will get you a ticket to jail.

Mellissa Estelle of Channahon, Illinois was charged with battery after intentionally sneezing in the face of a bailiff who had repeatedly told her to remove her feet from the courtroom seats and quiet down.

Estelle, 24, was in court Wednesday for a traffic case.  

According to the Joilet Patch, police say Estelle "got up from her seat, approached the bailiff face to face, within three to four inches, and 'intentional sneezed' into the bailiff's face."

A "mucous-type substance" was left on the unnamed bailiff's face.

Estelle was booked and spent six hours in jail before being released on $1,000 bond.

Maybe a simple "Geshundheit" would have eased the courtroom tension.

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