Woman sobs after reuniting with cat lost in Calif. mudslides

Couple held onto hope they'd see pet again

By Kaitlyn Walsh
KEYT/Lindsey Thomson/family photos via CNN

A California couple whose home was destroyed in recent mudslides held onto hope that they'd see their cat, Koshka, again.

The pet went missing in the chaos, but rescuers were able to track her down, KABC reported.

Santa Barbara County Animal Services posted a video on Facebook of the couple's tearful reunion with the pet, KABC reported. Lindsey Thompson sobbed as she held Koshka again and thanked the officials who saved her. 

"Thank you so much. We needed something like this to happen for our family," she said in the video. 

Thompson's husband, Woody, said they knew Koshka was still alive, even though the house is "completely destroyed."

"We knew that she was alive and we knew that she was smart and she would find a safe spot to be and she did," he said, KABC reported.

The couple was less certain that they would survive the mudslides, KABC reported. Santa Barbara County Animal Services said the Thompsons left goodbye messages for each other in case they didn't make it. They were airlifted to safety from the rubble that used to be their home.

"Our house has been completely destroyed," Woody said. "But we're safe."


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