World's deadliest cat is a 5-pound floof

BBC video highlights killer mama cat, kitten

By Kaitlyn Walsh
By Jonathan Kriz (Black-Footed Cat) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

A BBC video has the internet wondering if the world's deadliest cat is also the cutest.

The BBC recently featured a killer kitty named Gyra living in the Karoo desert of South Africa. Gyra is tiny -- fully grown black-footed cats typically weigh less than 5 pounds -- but not as teensy as her baby, who is also in the video.

According to the BBC, the black-footed cat has the highest hit rate of the entire cat family: 60 percent of its hunts are successful.

Don't worry. The highly lethal little hunter isn't after you. Gyra stalks small creatures, such as locusts, birds and gerbils, according to the BBC.

Although black-footed cats are mighty adorable, the BBC reminded pet lovers that wild cats should stay just that -- wild.

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