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No summer beach time for e-scooters, Fort Lauderdale says

Barrier island ban on dockless vehicles will last until Aug. 18

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Fort Lauderdale's electric scooters are taking the summer off -- along the beach, at least.

The city announced Monday that from now until Aug. 18 the dockless scooters will be not be permitted on the barrier island. The ban will be lifted just a few days after Broward County Public Schools students return to classes.

The city has banned the scooters from the barrier island before for high-impact events such as spring break and the Tortuga Music Festival, but this ban will be the longest for the vehicles, which are both beloved and loathed by residents.

Mayor Dean Trantalis said the program, which started in November, was intended to relieve congestion on the city streets, enabling people to use the scooters to take short trips instead using cars. 

Since then, the scooters have become popular among tourists and residents alike.

But several scooter riders have been seriously hurt in crashes. Many motorists complain that the scooter riders don't follow traffic laws, weave in and out of traffic and travel the wrong way on roads.

Four companies operate the scooters, which users leave on sidewalks after they have finished their rides. Often, the scooters can pile up in high-traffic areas, blocking private property, fire hydrants and handicapped-accessible ramps.