Barge, tugboat grounded on Deerfield Beach to be removed during high tide

A barge and a tug boat that got grounded on Deerfield Beach are expected to be removed Thursday during high tide.

DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla. – A barge and a tugboat that got grounded on Deerfield Beach are expected to be removed Thursday during high tide. 

"I can't believe they beached two of them at the same time. It's unreal," Deerfield Beach resident Michael Mann said.  

The incident occurred Wednesday when the 130-foot barge was supposed to go out to sea to begin work on a near shore snorkeling reef. That clearly didn't happen, as it and the tugboat was pushed on shore.

"We had a couple of days of nice, flat clean weather, and they waited for the first day to chop. Obviously they aren't checking the NOAA reports," Deerfield Beach resident Lu Rodas said.  

The barge is loaded with limestone, boulders and an excavator. Efforts to remove it Wednesday were unsuccessful. 

Workers are back at it Thursday and the plan is to remove it with two tugboats during high tide in the afternoon.

Some residents are very upset with what they call an eyesore on the beach.

"People want to come and enjoy the beach, regardless of the conditions today," Rodas said. "They've all been forced to evacuate, to leave this area, because they have to deal with this eyesore."

The company that owns the barge is Pac Comm Inc. 

The company has not yet responded to Local 10 News' request for comment.

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