Miami Sports Pod - Rosen plays, world shrugs

The Local 10 Sports team recaps the Josh Rosen-led Dolphins team that looked a lot like the Ryan Fitzpatrick-led Dolphins team.

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1:00 Will survived a marathon 

2:30  Miami had a decent start 

5:00 Clay is fine with comparing Rosen with Tua 

8:00 Tua isn't under duress, Rosen was in constant stress 13:00 

Rosen played against a really good team on Sunday 

19:00 Rosen's leadership style is based on relationships 

24:00 Rosen's value can be someone you can flip him for 

28:00 Minkah Fitzpatrick played really well for Pittsburgh on Sunday--- did the Dolphins whiff? 

36:00 The talent gap is so wide from Dallas to Miami 

40:00 The Dolphins looked talent-less on Sunday, but played hard