Surveillance video shows man tampering with 2 e-scooters in Fort Lauderdale

Both scooters bore Lime logo

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – A home surveillance camera captured images that appear to show a man tampering with two electric scooters earlier this summer outside a home on Southeast First Street in Fort Lauderdale, just a couple of blocks from Las Olas Boulevard. 

In the video, the man looks as if he's messing with the wiring before he leaves and returns with pliers and proceeds to do something to part of the scooter, possibly the brake line. 

Electric scooter riders in Fort Lauderdale told Local 10 News they think the video is concerning and ridiculous.

"I think it's a little childish and immature but I think people should also be concerned about their own safety," Anthony Perrone said. 

We don't know if the man in the video tampered with any others in the handful of e-scooters in Fort Lauderdale. We saw that the scooters captured in the Ring camera video both have the Lime brand logo on them.

A Lime representative released a statement Monday to Local 10 News that read, in part, "Lime takes vandalism seriously and will pursue appropriate legal action against those that damage or vandalize our property."


The company did not mention if the tampering could put users in danger or how to tell if scooters have been tampered with. 

Fort Lauderdale police said they are actively investigating incidents of scooter tampering. 

They said suspects could face criminal mischief charges and additional charges if somebody was to get injured riding a vandalized or damaged scooter.

"I always make sure the brakes work because that could be the difference between life and death right there," Perrone said. 

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