Dolphins coordinators focus on improvement following dismal start

Miami hosts Chargers Sunday

Josh Rosen of the Miami Dolphins throws against the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium on September 22, 2019. 

DAVIE, Fla. – The Miami Dolphins coordinators are focused on trying to improve a team off to a terrible start.

Miami is not only 0-3, but it leads the NFL with the worst point differential at minus-117.

Defensive coordinator Patrick Graham said that the Dolphins need to make sure to minimize mistakes and play clean.

"I think it started when (head coach Brian Flores) put together his vision of the team," Graham said. "We said 'smart, tough, disciplined football team.' Part of being smart and disciplined is not being penalized and not beating yourself."

Graham echoed a manta from Flores: "The stuff that takes no talent, that's the stuff we've got to make sure to get done."

On the offensive side of the ball, coordinator Chad O'Shea is focused on simply getting better.

"I think that's what's really important for us is to keep improving, and although the stats aren't exactly where we want them to be, we are just going to continue in the process of improving and that's what we're asking our players," he said.

O'Shea was asked Tuesday to evaluate the first Dolphins start of Josh Rosen's career.

"I thought that from an operations standpoint, there were some things that were really positive," O'Shea said. "I think that was, going into his first game in AT&T Stadium, wasn't an easy place to start his first game with some of the elements that we had, whether it be crowd noise or just playing on the road for the first time. I thought that he really, from a communications standpoint, from an overall operation of in and out of the huddle, I thought he did a nice job there. I really did."

Rosen will get his second start for the Dolphins on Sunday against the Los Angeles Chargers.

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David Lang is executive producer of the Local 10 sports department.